This holiday season in Montreal will look and feel completely different and some community organizations will need more help than ever. Sadly, for many Montrealers, the holiday season is a reminder of how bad things really are. 

Wouldn't you agree that everyone in our community deserves the gift of happiness this holiday season? 

By volunteering or donating, you can not only put a smile on the face of someone who really needs one but also feel good about doing the right thing. 

Here are five feel-good things to do in Montreal this holiday season.

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Donate Your Old Clothes

One of the most cathartic things is cleaning out your closet and organizing your wardrobe. Instead of throwing out your old clothes, why not donate them? 

There are several groups in Montreal such as Le Support and Le Magasin du Chaînon that will take your used clothing off your hands and offer it to someone in need — as long as your old clothes are in good condition, of course! 

Put A Smile On A Kid's Face

One thing that's certain to warm the cockles of your heart is putting a smile on a kid's face. 

This holiday season, organizations such as Sun Youth and The Montreal Children's Hospital Foundation rely on the kindness of folks like yourself to help spread the love.

From preparing food donations to volunteering your time, there's no better way to spread holiday cheer. 

Foster An Adorable Animal

If you're sad about not being able to see your friends and family this holiday season, why not get yourself a temporary fur friend? 

The SPCA Montreal and Animatch Montreal are always on the lookout for responsible, caring and empathetic foster or adoptive families for sick and ailing animals.

And if you fall in love, you can then permanently adopt your new friend. 

Give An Unexpected Gift

It's not just your loved ones that deserve a thoughtful and unexpected holiday gift. There are countless people in your community that won't be getting any gift this year. 

Why not change that and give an unexpected gift directly to someone in your community that's living in a vulnerable situation? 

Organizations like The New Secret Santa and The Shoebox Project also help out people in your community and all you have to do is prepare a small yet thoughtful gift for people in need. 

Lend A Helping Hand

You ought to look no further than your own community when you're looking to feel good and lend a helping hand. 

In Montreal, several organizations are often looking for kind folks like yourself, especially during the holiday season. 

You can find organizations that need volunteers through the Volunteer Bureau of Montreal

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