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Here's A List Of All The Medals Team Canada Has Won At The Tokyo 2020 Olympics So Far

Go Canada Go!

Team Canada's Medals Won In The Olympics 2020 So Far

The whole world gets excited every time the Olympics come around, and this year probably even a little more than ever since it had to be postponed in 2020.

As of the morning of July 26, Team Canada had won four Olympics medals so far — putting us in 11th place.

Our country has won one gold medal so far thanks to Margaret MacNeil. She won first place in swimming for the Women's 100-metre butterfly category.

As for silver medals, we've won two up until now. One in diving for women's synchronized 3-metre springboard and another for swimming in the women's 4 x 100-metre freestyle relay.

Finally, we brought home one bronze medal that marked Canadian history. Jessica Klimkait won third place in the women's 57-kg category for Judo, making her the first Canadian woman to ever win an Olympic medal in Judo.

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