The First Tim Hortons Opened In India & The Menu Is Totally Different (PHOTOS)

Who's up for some chicken makhani ravioli?

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Group of people drinking Tim Hortons beverages in India, Right: Tim Hortons India ravioli.

Group of people drinking Tim Hortons beverages in India, Right: Tim Hortons India ravioli.

Tim Hortons truly is the Canadian gift that keeps on giving! Timmies officially opened in India on August 11 with locations in New Delhi and Gurugram.

"We've officially opened our doors wide open for you!" Tim Hortons India tweeted out today.

London, U.K., also got its first Tim Hortons this summer, and much like the mother country, India has quite a different menu from the one we've got over here in Canada.

Tim Hortons India introduced four milkshake types: chocolate, banana caramel, strawberry and maple peach.

Maple peach Tims shake.Maple peach Tims shake.Tim Hortons India

Their breakfast menu also has a few different items including a bagel with a grilled chicken patty, Peruvian avocado on toast and breakfast pancakes.

Peruvian avocado on toast.Peruvian avocado on toast.Tim Hortons India

While the brekky and beverage menu don't differ drastically when compared to Canada's menu, that's not at all the case when it comes to India's all-day menu.

Timmies in India offers up flatbreads, three types of melts, kebab and tikka wraps, chicken tikka croissants, pita bread with hummus, and wait for it...quiche! F*cking quiche.

The flavour train doesn't stop there. The menu in India also includes two types of ravioli. Mhm, pasta, baby!

Here are some of the most rad dishes you'd be able to try if you ever find yourself at either of India's two Tim Hortons locations.

Chicken Pesto Flatbread

Chicken pesto flatbread.Chicken pesto flatbread.Tim Hortons India

Pita Bread with Hummus

Pita Bread with hummus.Pita Bread with hummus.Tim Hortons India

Lamb Kebab Wrap

Lamb kebab wrap.Lamb kebab wrap.Tim Hortons India

Chicken Makhani Ravioli Pasta

Chicken makhani ravioli pasta.Chicken makhani ravioli pasta.Tim Hortons India

Chicken Tikka Croissant

Chicken tikka croissant.Chicken tikka croissant.Tim Hortons India

Chicken & Pea Quiche

Chicken and pea quiche.Chicken and pea quiche.Tim Hortons India

Crispy Chicken Sandwich on Brioche Bread

Crispy chicken sandwich on a brioche.Crispy chicken sandwich on a brioche.Tim Hortons India

Chole Kulcha Flatbread

Chole kulcha flatbread.Chole kulcha flatbread.Tim Hortons India

Tim Hortons Sliders

Sliders (veg/egg/chicken).Sliders (veg/egg/chicken).Tim Hortons India

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