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Tim Hortons Is Casting Montrealers For A Commercial & You Could Earn Up To $2,400

Calling all Timmies fans! ☕️

Tim Hortons sign in Canada, Right: Two people enjoying Tim Hortons coffee and food.

Tim Hortons sign in Canada, Right: Two people enjoying Tim Hortons coffee and food.

If you love a classic Tim Hortons breakfast then why not get paid to talk about it? Ground Glass Casting is currently looking to cast Montrealers who love Timmies for an upcoming commercial and it pays up to $2,400.

"Seeking Tim Hortons lovers in the Greater Montreal Area, aged 18+, who love sharing Tim's breakfast with others," the casting company wrote.

Absolutely no acting experience is needed for this gig. However, it's best if you're outgoing and comfortable being interviewed on camera. Ground Glass states that in order to be considered, candidates must not have any allergies or dietary restrictions to breakfast (eggs, dairy, meat and wheat/gluten).

In order to apply, you must be eligible to work in Canada and be able to film here in Montreal. If you end up getting shortlisted, you must be prepared to speak with the commercial director on November 18. If selected, you must then undergo a mandatory PCR COVID-19 test on November 23 or 24. On those same days, candidates must also be available for a wardrobe fitting.

Filming will take place in Montreal on November 25.

"If booked, you will receive $75 for a covid test appointment, $75 for a wardrobe appointment and $750 for one day of filming," Ground Glass Casting said. You can also score some extra dough if your footage ends up being used for the actual commercial. In fact, folks selected for the final cut will earn an additional $1,500.

If shortlisted for the Tim Hortons commercial, Ground Glass will notify you on or before November 17.

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