A TikToker Showed What Tim Hortons In Dubai Looks Like & Canada Really Needs To Step It Up

Um, carrot cake? APPLE CRUMBLE?!

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The Tim Hortons menu in Dubai.

The Tim Hortons menu in Dubai.

im.ramla | TikTok

Tim Hortons is regarded by some Canadians as a national treasure, with a menu bursting with iconic sweet treats including the Timbit, Boston cream donut and staple drinks such as the double-double and Iced Capp. But whatever the Canadian menu has going for it is put to shame when compared to what Timmies in Dubai has got going on.

A TikToker from Canada who goes by the name I'm Ramla on the platform posted a clip of what the Tim Hortons menu in Dubai looks like and someone needs to get Tim on the phone ASAP because he's got some explaining to do.


my tims barely even has coffee #dubai

In the seven-second video, Ramla showcases the many delicious baked goods the Tim Hortons in Dubai offers, including saffron and pistachio milk cakes, Smarties donuts, Lotus cookie maple donuts, apple crumble pie, carrot cake, pistachio dipped donuts, red velvet muffins, and chocolate fudge cake, to name a few.

Roughly converted to Canadian dollars, most of the donuts range between $2.50 to $3.30, while the cake and pie slices cost between $6.65 and $9.25.

As for beverages, Dubai Timmies isn't holding back. From its burnt caramel latte, Spanish latte, and iced pistachio latte all the way to the frozen chocolate and passion fruit coolers, Tim Hortons in the U.A.E. really does know what's up.

The comments below the TikTok were quick to point out just how unfair it is that Canada doesn't get some of these stellar creations.

"Tim Hortons feels luxurious ANYWHERE ELSE in the world but Canada," one person wrote. "Meanwhile at home, their [Tim Hortons] literal birthplace we get dust," another comment read.

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