The Cows At This Quebec Farm Are Cuter Than You'll Ever Be & You Can Visit Them (PHOTOS)

Highland cattle look like big shaggy dogs.
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The Highland Cows At Au Diable Vert Are Prettier Than You'll Ever Be (PHOTOS)

Try as we might, we'll never be able to achieve the same luscious, swooping bangs as the highland cattle at Au Diable Vert. The cows, famous for their small stature and shaggy hair, are the centrepiece of the 560-acre farm, camping, and activity site. Visitors can walk right up to their fields and spend the day watching them roam.

They might even approach you.

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Jeremy Fontana, who runs Au Diable Vert with his wife, Julie Zeitlinger, told MTL Blog that their nearly 60 cows live in bovine "paradise" with free reign in their sprawling alpine pasture — perfect for a breed that originates in the wet, cold highlands of Scotland.

With thick coats, the cows are well suited for the climate of Quebec and Fontana says they can be seen outside in every season.

In the winter, they like to lay on the ground as the snow piles up on top of them until just their heads and little poofs of orange hair are visible. Adorable.

They don't mind the heat of the summer, either, and enjoy fresh water from their very own spring.

The farm is all organic, so no pesticides, hormones, or additives. Field rotation also ensures that the voracious animals always have fresh grass.

Gentle and curious, the cows are used to dogs and humans getting right up to the fence that surrounds their domain.

Some lucky campers at Au Diable Vert can watch the fluffy friends right from their campsites.

Though the cows might be entertainment enough, there are plenty of other activities at the site, too.

On the VéloVolant — flying bikes — visitors pedal their way through the canopy on small metal contraptions suspended from wires (not for anyone with a fear of heights).

For the more terrestrial, there are 14 kilometres of trails to explore. 

Those who prefer to just sit can float down the river in a tube in the summer months.

Fontana says that reservations are mandatory for all of the activities.

But anyone in it just for the cows need only pay $7.50 per adult for access to the site.

Get all the details below.

Highland Cows At Au Diable Vert

Price: $7.50 for adults to access the site

Address: 169, chemin Staines, Glen Sutton, QC

Why You Need To Go: Fluffy cows, 'nough said.

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