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The SAQ Said It 'May Take A Few Weeks' Before Everything Is Back To Normal In Its Stores

Holiday shopping may be a little more difficult this year...

The SAQ Said It 'May Take A Few Weeks' Before Everything Is Back To Normal In Its Stores

Liquor stores in Quebec have been seeing rather empty shelves recently. This is due to the on-and-off workers' strike that's been taking place over the past week or so, which the Société des alcools du Québec released an update about on Thursday, December 2.

"Last Monday, an agreement in principle was reached with the union of employees at our Montreal and Quebec City distribution centres. In the coming days, the employees will have the opportunity to vote on this agreement," read the release signed by Catherine Dagenais, president and CEO of the SAQ.

Dagenais went on to explain that the strike is causing a disruption in its operations, which "were already weakened by challenges linked to the pandemic."

The public was further informed that "it may take a few weeks before the situation returns to normal throughout our network, but we are sparing no effort to get there." So, any alcohol you were planning on buying for your holiday parties this year may take a little longer to locate than you anticipated.

But Dagenais added an important reminder to those who may be upset about not being able to find their favourite bottle on the shelves right now.

"Despite the challenges we face, it is important to remember that every month in Quebec, more than 600,000 people face a very real challenge: being able to feed themselves adequately every day. At the dawn of this festive season, many Quebecers are under considerable financial stress."

The release concluded by stating, "This is why it is important for us, despite the context of the last few weeks, to maintain our commitment to the food banks of Quebec. Thank you for making a difference for thousands of people in need."

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