The SAQ Workers' Strike Is Over But You Might Not Find Your Fave Booze For Weeks

It could be "a few weeks" before stores are back to normal.

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The SAQ Workers' Strike Is Over But You Might Not Find Your Fave Booze For Weeks

It seems as though all we've been reading is bad news lately, so here's a little bit of good news to switch it up! As many of you have likely noticed on your recent trip to any liquor store in the province, shelves have been rather empty.

This is due to the on-and-off workers' strike that's been taking place over the past month or so, which the Société des alcools du Québec recently released an update about. And the good news is that the strike is officially over!

"It is my pleasure to inform you that the December 14th agreement in principle with the union representing our distribution centre employees was approved by a margin of 86.3% at union meetings held yesterday afternoon in Québec and this morning in Montréal," Catherine Dagenais, President and Chief Executive Officer of the SAQ, wrote in the release.

Dagenais said this agreement enables the company to focus "on the future" and on restocking the shelves in the stores so that people can finally find their favourite bottles again.

But, we're going to have to be patient. Dagenais stressed, "While we are doing our utmost to replenish the shelves of our 400 stores as quickly as possible, a few weeks will be required before your store returns to looking like it used to."

The CEO reminded everyone that while people wait for everything to get back to its ordinary order, they can always rely on store advisors to help them find whatever they may be looking for.

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Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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