There's A New Vaccine Passport For Travel Outside Of Quebec & Here's What You Need To Know

The vaccine passport is soon going to be required for out-of-province travel by train and plane as of October 30 and the Quebec government just announced, on October 18, that a new Canada-wide proof of vaccination is now available for download.

If you were thinking of using your Quebec QR code abroad or in other provinces, think again. You need to download another proof of vaccination from the government's self-service portal, which comes in a PDF format directly to your cell phone or by mail.

The government specified that this proof will be used to use your vaccination passport in all Canadian provinces, as well as in several American states and countries around the world. However, you are invited to inform yourself about the vaccination requirements of each place before travelling, as they change very quickly.

The current QR code cab only be used in Quebec, while this new proof of vaccination will be your ally for your future trips.

The government recommends that you download this proof of vaccination the day before you travel outside Quebec.

Remember that the land border with the United States will reopen on November 8.