Canada's Vaccine Passport For Travel Is Out Now — This Is How Quebecers Can Get Theirs

The vaccine passport you've gotten used to in Quebec is no longer the only way to show proof of vaccination. The federal government just released its own "Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination" for travel and Quebecers can download theirs right now.

Anyone 12 or older has to show proof of vaccination when travelling within Canada as of October 30, so you'll want to have the national vaccine passport handy if you plan on leaving Quebec. While Canada's vaccine passport does not guarantee entry into another country, it can help streamline the process of travelling internationally.

What Canada's vaccine passport looks like

Government of Canada

Unlike, Quebec's vaccine passport, the Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination has official logos for both the province and the Government of Canada with a little Canadian flag appearing above the letter "a" in Canada. It's also a bilingual document, with information in both French and English.

It says "COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination" at the top of the document.

The overall look is consistent across the country but the logo changes based on your province or territory.

In terms of your personal details, here's what you can expect it to show:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your COVID-19 vaccination history, including:
    • the number of dose(s)
    • the vaccine type(s), product name(s) and lot number
    • the date(s) you got your vaccination(s)
    • a SMART Health Cards QR code

The QR code contains your vaccination history. It may also include additional information about the COVID-19 vaccine or vaccines you got.

"The only medical information shown is your COVID-19 vaccination history. It doesn't contain your health card number, so it can't be used to access other health information or be used for other health services," according to the government website.

How to download it right now

To download your Canadian proof of vaccination, you can start by visiting the Government of Canada website.

Once you're on that webpage, you'll need to select your province or territory from the list. Then click "Get proof of vaccination from your province."

This will redirect you to a provincial website. Even though the provinces are responsible for issuing federal proof of vaccination, this is not the same as provincial vaccine passport systems.

In Quebec, you'll then need to click "Obtaining your vaccine passport" followed by "Accessing the self-service portal."

Or, if you're a Quebecer, the shortcut to skip all these steps is to go directly to this webpage.

Notice the difference in language. The provincial government refers to Quebec's vaccine passport as the "passeport vaccinal" while the Canadian proof of vaccination is called "preuve vaccinale."

Fill out the information on the "preuve vaccinale" page and click "submit."

You get choose whether the download link is sent to your email or phone number. And voila!

Health Canada has a robust website with all the latest information on COVID-19 vaccines and can answer any questions you may have.

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