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We Answered Your Questions About Quebec's Vaccine Passport

It's mandatory on September 1.

Quebec Vaccine Passport: Your Questions, Answered

On September 1, Quebec will be the first province in Canada to have a vaccine passport. You'll need one to get into restaurants, bars, and to participate in a whole heap of activities.

We asked our readers if they had any questions about the vaccine passport and you all didn't hold back. We selected the most common questions to answer.

How do I get a QR code if I don't have a health card?

If you weren't sent a QR code by email after you got a vaccine dose, don't worry. All you have to do is go to Quebec's self-service portal and fill out the relevant information.

You might encounter some issues if "some of the information does not match the information in the Québec Vaccination Registry or the RAMQ register" or if "your parents are not registered with the RAMQ," according to the government.

Quebec says online that "work is underway to make the digital proof of vaccination accessible to people who do not meet the criteria currently in force."

What if my QR code doesn't work?

While it's rare that you will have problems with the code itself, Quebec has a helpline for this: 1‑877‑644‑4545.

Keep in mind that you have three ways to show the QR code. First, you can kick it old school and show a paper copy. You can either print it (Quebec recommends a "business card" size) or order it by calling the helpline if you don't have access to the internet.

You can also show a PDF copy downloaded to your smartphone.

And finally, you can show the QR code with Quebec's own VaxiCode mobile app.

What do I do if I'm travelling into Quebec?

It's quite simple, actually.

If you're coming into the province and want to go to a festival or have a cocktail, you'll need to show a photo ID and your province's or country's proof of vaccination.

What if I got vaccinated in another province/country?

If you got vaccinated in another jurisdiction and are a resident of Quebec, you need to have your vaccination recognized by Quebec and register to obtain your QR code. You do this by signing up for an appointment to get on the Vaccine Registry.

Not a Quebec resident? No worries. A photo ID and an official proof of vaccination — with one of the approved vaccines — from your place of residence is all you need.

Is my data secure?

While there are reports of Quebec politicians getting hacked, the Health Ministry has assured the public that the QR codes are safe.

The MSSS said in a statement on August 27 that the only thing "contained in the QR code is the name, date of birth and list of vaccinations received."

"No other personal information (biometric data, financial data, etc.) appears there."

Furthermore, the MSSS ensures that "the QR code and the personal information it contains cannot be used without the consent of the persons concerned. Violators face significant penalties that can lead to civil and criminal prosecution."

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