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This Is Where People Speak French Or English In Montreal

A map breaking down the languages of Montreal.
This Is Where People Speak French Or English In Montreal

Photo cred - imgur

Moving to Montreal is a unique predicament, at least when it comes to language. If you're not a native French of English speaker, you pretty much need to learn one or the other, and your choice is largely determined by where you live in the city. Nothing illustrates that fact  better than the map pictured above, which breaks down the language-demographics of Montreal.

Inspired by the recent Sugar Sammy debacle , which has divided many English and French-speaking Montrealers, one Quebecer-redditor posted the "Geography of Language Transition in Montreal" map . The mother tounges of Montrealers are displayed on the image, but what's a bit more interesting is how the map breaks down the ratio of English vs. French speaking allophones in specific areas.

As you'd guess, the classic East-West divide is seen on the map, with Anglophones taking to the west and Francophones dominating the eastern areas of the island. While its all well and good to reiterate what we all kind know, what I think is most interesting is the amount of Montreal residents whose mother tongue is neither French nor English, proving to the multicultural mix of the city's population. Yay for diversity.

You can check out a larger version of the map here .

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