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Tim Hortons Revealed Canada's Favourite Timbits In 2021 Proving Atlantic Canada Is Boring

But the rest of Canada isn't much more exciting.

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Tim Hortons Revealed Canada's Favourite Timbits In 2021 Proving Atlantic Canada Is Boring

Canadians are pretty boring, at least when it comes to their Tim Hortons Timbits picks. To celebrate the 45th anniversary of the popular donut holes, the coffee chain released a regional breakdown of the most popular Timbits orders.

In Quebec, the classic Chocolate Glazed won out, followed by Honey Dip and Birthday Cake. Those choices align with the most popular orders in Ontario and Western Canada (including Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the three territories).

Atlantic Canada was the odd region out with its questionable penchant for the Old Fashioned Plain, confirming once and for all that the group of four provinces is the most boring part of Canada (kidding... mostly).

CNW Group/Tim Hortons

Quebec stood out from other areas of the country with its fourth most popular pick: Strawberry Filled — perhaps unsurprising given the local emphasis on the red fruit.

Old Fashioned Glazed were the fifth most consumed Timbits in the province.

As for the ridiculously popular Timbiebs, Tim Hortons' collaboration with Justin Bieber, the Chocolate White Fudge was Canada's favourite flavour.

"It was such a huge year for the Timbits platform, not only for the big 45th anniversary but with our work with Justin to collaborate on Timbiebs, which have been a massive hit!" Tim Hortons Director of Culinary Innovation — yes that's a job — Chef Tallis Voakes said in a statement.

"Justin told us the Chocolate Glazed was his favourite classic Timbit so I'm not surprised it ended up officially being Canada's favourite as well."

Tim Hortons also shared a list of past or limited-edition Timbits, many of which seem to have disappeared from the menu. Standouts include Cotton Candy, Cherry Cake, Cinnamon French Toast and Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunch.

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