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Tim Hortons Is Launching A New Donut For This Weekend Only & It'll Make Your Mouth Water

The limited edition treat raises money for a good cause: Special Olympics Canada. 🍩

Tim Hortons Is Launching A New Donut For This Weekend Only & It'll Make Your Mouth Water

If you're tired of ordering your usual double-double and Chocolate Glazed, then this weekend may be the perfect time to shake up your Tims routine. A new limited-edition donut is coming to Tim Hortons that'll not only excite your tastebuds but also gives back to a good cause.

Tim Hortons announced that it's partnering with Special Olympics Canada to launch the "Choose To Include fundraising donut" — a chocolate cake ring donut with white fondant, coloured sprinkles and whipped topping.

According to a press release, "the multi-coloured design was inspired by the themes of diversity and inclusion that are central to the Special Olympics mission" and the donut is meant to raise funds as well as awareness for Special Olympics Canada's 41,000+ athletes.

CNW Group/Tim Hortons

The new donut will be available at participating locations this Friday through Sunday only for about $1.69, though prices may vary by region.

Tim Hortons says 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to Special Olympics Canada.

To order the treat, simply say you want a "Choose To Include" donut.

"The need for funding to help our community prepare for the safe return to sport for Special Olympics athletes and volunteers is urgent," said Sharon Bollenbach, CEO, Special Olympics Canada in a statement.

"People with intellectual disabilities have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic and limited access to social and physical activities have played a major role in the challenges our community is facing. Every Choose To Include donut purchased for our cause makes a difference and we look forward to seeing Canadians take part in our movement."

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