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Weather In Quebec Is About To Get Nasty, So Officials Released A List Of Tips For Drivers

Environment Canada issued winter storm warnings for various areas.

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Weather In Quebec Is About To Get Nasty, So Officials Released A List Of Tips For Drivers

Buckle up — it looks like we're in for quite the ride in terms of weather in Quebec.

According to a press release from Transports Québec, every region in the province is currently under weather warnings.

Environment Canada has issued weather warnings for several regions within the southern half of the province, including Metro Montréal - Laval, Québec and Gatineau.

According to the press release, forecasts predict a blend of precipitation in the form of snow and freezing rain, followed by strong winds coming our way from late Sunday until Monday, depending on the area.

"These conditions could complicate travel on many of the province's main roads, especially during Monday morning's rush hour. Drivers are advised to exercise extreme caution," the release read. Basically, you're going to want to be extra careful on the road for the next little while.

With this in mind, Transports Québec provided a list of useful tips for drivers faced with this bad weather:

  • Turn on your headlights and be visible — the "automatic" mode does not necessarily mean your tail lights are always on.
  • Adjust your speed.
  • Keep a safe distance between vehicles.
  • Clear snow or ice from your car by doing a complete sweep of windows, mirrors, roof, hood, lights and license plate.
  • Be patient with winter maintenance vehicles.

During this time, "increased surveillance of the road network will be conducted," and drivers are asked to report any dangerous or unusual conditions by calling 511.

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