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You Can Ride A Jet Ski In Montreal For Less Than $90 & See Some Incredible Views

See the city from a whole new angle! 🌊
You Can Ride A Jet Ski In Montreal For Less Than $90 & See Some Incredible Views

The summer heat is well underway in Montreal. If you're looking for a refreshing experience, Wet Set MTL lets you ride a personal jet ski for less than $90 on the St. Lawrence River with breathtaking views of Montreal.

A 20-minute ride along the Old Port of Montreal behind a guide only costs $26.10. If you'd rather drive your own jet ski, you can discover St. Helen's Island, Notre-Dame Island, the Biosphere, La Ronde and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge for $86.20, accompanied by a guide.

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You can also go further and take a one-hour ride towards the La Prairie Basin on the Lachine Rapids side, passing under the Concorde, Victoria, Champlain and Jacques-Cartier bridges for $134.81.

For a romantic getaway, it's also possible to take a one-hour jet ski tour at $143.50 under the sunset.

A two-hour excursion on the Boucherville islands is also offered at $247.88 to observe the fauna and flora. Note that no matter what the itinerary is, a minimum of two jet skis must be reserved to ensure a departure.

Jet Skiing With Wet Set MTL Adventures

Cost: $26.10 for 20 minutes behind a guide, $86.20 for 30 minutes of autonomous driving. An added $26.10 per additional passenger. A deposit is required for the rental. A driver's license is not required.

When: Every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Address: Quai Jacques Cartier, Montreal, Quebec