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You Can Get A Free Starbucks Coffee In Quebec Today & Here's How

Get a little extra boost for free!

You Can Get A Free Starbucks Coffee In Quebec This Week & Here's How

If you're on the hunt for a freebie in Quebec this week, Starbucks has got you covered — as long as you've got your own mug.

Starbucks will be celebrating its 50th anniversary on September 29 by giving out a free cup of Pike Place filter roast coffee at participating Starbucks stores across Canada. All you have to do is show up with a clean reusable cup (up to 591 ml).


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Starbucks' Pike Place coffee is made with Latin American beans and has hints of chocolate and roasted nuts in it.

So to properly celebrate International Coffee Day on September 29 (although it can also be said to be on October 1), make sure to head to a Starbucks close to you with a reusable cup to get your hands on some free caffeine goodness.

Pretty hard to say no to coffee that doesn't cost a dime, right?

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