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This Montreal TikToker Reveals The Wildest Secret Starbucks Menu Hacks

From a drink that tastes like pink Starburst candy to toffee nut coldbrew.
This Montreal TikToker Reveals The Wildest Secret Starbucks Menu Hacks

Many have heard of Starbucks' secret menu, but few have actually dared to try it. That's where Montreal TikToker Sabrina Tam comes in.

She's showing us exactly how she hacks the Starbucks menu, ordering extravagant — and delicious-looking — drinks in the Montreal area. 

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Her special orders include an oreo white mocha drink, a peach candy drink, a vanilla dragon fruit drink, a pink sweet cream mocha drink, and a drink that tastes like a pink Starburst candy

Most recently, she hacked a Starbucks drink to taste like the "Charli Cold Foam" from Dunkin' Donuts — a new collaboration between Dunkin' and Charli D'Amelio — since Dunkin' no longer exists in Canada. 

She also tastes all the drinks and provides her honest feedback, giving them a rating out of 10.

In her video, she gives the oreo white mocha drink a 10 out of 10 — and it shows from the expression on her face when she sips it. 

She rates the pink Starburst candy drink an eight out of 10, but says it doesn't taste that different from one of Starbucks' regular Refreshers — kind of like a Refresher slushy.

The dragon fruit only gets a 5/10... not a good sign.

Asked her favourite, Tam told MTL Blog, "Oh my god. I had a few I liked a lot!" so it was hard for her to choose. 

Check out @sabrinaatam on TikTok for all her Starbucks recipes, orders and reviews. 

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