You Can Now Vote For The Worst Road In Quebec ('All Of Them' Is Not An Option)

Here's how to cast your vote.

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Pothole on a Montreal street with a car passing by.

Pothole on a Montreal street with a car passing by.

CAA-Quebec has kicked off the seventh edition of its "Worst Roads in Quebec" campaign, inviting residents to nominate and vote for their least favourite streets to receive the dubious honour.

Quebecers can cast a vote via an online submission form. They need to enter the street name, the nearest crossroad, the city name, the province and their email address. They can also upload as many as five pieces of photo evidence to justify their selection.

Voting is open until May 26, after which the CAAQ will count up the votes and compile a ranking of the top 10 worst roads in the province.

Last year, the "top" spots went to the chemin de la Grande-Ligne in Carignan (in Montérégie), Matane's Ferry Ramp road, and Rimouski's chemin du 3e-Rang-du-Bic.

Montreal's Autoroute Métropolitaine also made the list.

According to the CAA, "the average Canadian driver incurs an extra $126 in costs annually due to the poor quality of roads – a total of $3 billion for drivers collectively."

"Although only 15% of the nation's roads are rated poor or very poor, these roads are responsible for most of the extra operating costs," the organization said in a 2021 report. "Canadians who have the misfortune of having to rely on these roads for their daily commutes can be faced with costs well above the national average."

The CAA calls on governments to invest in road infrastructure to reduce those costs.

It sends its top 10 worst roads lists to "responsible authorities" in hopes that they take action.

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Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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