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A TikToker Shared Her 'Life Hack' For Getting Items Shipped To Canada

"It is so easy and completely free…"

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
TikTok user Sasha Folgoas explains the shipping service she uses.

TikTok user Sasha Folgoas explains the shipping service she uses.

It's not always easy to order U.S. brands and have them shipped to Canada. That's why a TikTok user's videos about her "life hack" for getting goods across the border has gone viral on the platform.

Canada-based TikToker Sasha Folgoas said she uses a specialised shipping service to work around the dreaded "doesn't ship to Canada" message on some company's sites south of the border.

"If you're Canadian, you can order Target, you can order skincare from Sephora… you can order a bunch of different things that only ship to the U.S., and you can get it right to your door," she said in a video.

Folgoas said she has been using Shippsy for about a year and that "it is so easy and completely free" to sign-up. Users pay a fee to receive their delivery based on the size and weight of an order. There's an added cost to get items sent directly to a shopper's house, instead of to the Shippsy warehouse where they're available for pick-up.

The TikToker made a second video to explain the exact breakdown of costs. Folgoas said she spends an average of $13 on handling fees and $7 extra to have orders shipped to her home. She said costs have never exceeded $25 for the combined tax, duty and mailing fees.

How do you use Shippsy?

Shippsy users create a free account and receive a unique U.S. address that they can use to place orders. When purchases arrive, users enter an item's description, quantity and cost to have it forwarded to Canada. It can take up to two business days for shipments to arrive. Users are responsible for any additional duty fees.

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