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All Quebec Jean Coutu Locations Have Been Pretty Much Cleaned Out Of COVID-19 Rapid Tests

On Tuesday morning, there were no available appointments at the 27 Jean Coutu locations in Montreal.

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All Quebec Jean Coutu Locations Have Been Pretty Much Cleaned Out Of COVID-19 Rapid Tests

More than 200,000 rapid COVID-19 tests were said to be available in pharmacies across the province on Monday, December 20, according to the Association québécoise des distributeurs en pharmacie (AQDP).

As of Tuesday morning, the Jean Coutu website said tests were "very limited," and all 27 Montreal Jean Coutu locations had no available appointments to book in order to get the free boxes of tests. Many other locations in Quebec are facing the same reality.

"Please consult the website over the course of the next few days," the company wrote in a notice on their website.

Jean Coutu politely asked that during this time, people avoid calling the pharmacies.

Jean Coutu

It's clear that people have been eager to get their free rapid at-home COVID-19 tests. On Monday morning when the tests were first being prepared to be handed out, Jean Coutu's website posted a more than 11-hour wait for customers to access the page where they could reserve a test.

After 10 a.m., the wait shrunk down to seven hours, and half an hour later, it went down to three.

Now, on Tuesday morning, it seems the pharmacy chain has completely run out of tests until new supplies become available.

Jean Coutu

On Jean Coutu's website, it explains that the Quebec government provides every individual over the age of 14 with "one box of 5 COVID-19 rapid tests per 30-day interval at no charge."

In order to obtain a box from Jean Coutu, once more supplies are received, you have to book an appointment online on their website before heading in to the pharmacy.

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