The Responses To Bloc Québécois Asking People To Say "Bonjour-HO!" Are Absolute GOLD

The Bloc Québécois recently suggested that all Quebecers to greet people with "Bonjour-HO!" this holiday season, as an alternative to using "Bonjour-Hi."

Naturally, Twitter has a field day with the political party's desire to have "Hi" replaced with "HO!" — as the term clearly gets lost in translation, to say the least...

Editor's Choice: Bloc Québécois Is Asking Quebecers To Start Saying 'Bonjour-HO!' This Holiday Season

Even local comedian Sugar Sammy touched in on the idea, wondering if it's "the Bloc Québécois slogan or how Anglos greet some Occupation Double candidates #BonjourHo."

People were quick to point out to Bloc Québécois that "Ho" is used as a derogatory term in English...

Others went on to inform the party that "Bonjour-HO!" can be interpreted as a way of saying "Hello Hoe!"

This person used a little Franglais to explain how they'd respond to anyone that greeted them with this phrase.

One Twitter user said there's "no need for Just For Laughs" when we've got Bloc Québécois.