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Sugar Sammy Is Putting On 10 Secret Shows In Montreal — Here's How You Can See Him Perform

The comedian and France's Got Talent judge is coming back to town.

Montrealers Can See Sugar Sammy Perform Secret Shows

Montreal comedian Sugar Sammy announced 10 new bilingual secret shows he'll be performing in Montreal starting July 30.

Sammy's production assistant, Nastassia Markiewicz, told MTL Blog that the secret shows are set in intimate venues, reserved for his biggest fans.

There are no physical tickets to the events. Instead, a door list will be available and identification is required to attend.

The event locations are only disclosed to ticket buyers, and the link to buy tickets is only sent out to fans who sign up on Sammy's website. Those who sign up can expect their ticket link on July 27.

The secret shows will run until August 7.

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