9 Hilarious Red Flag Memes About Montreal That Are Way Too Relatable

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9 Hilarious Red Flag Memes About Montreal That Are Way Too Relatable

Everyone's hopping on the latest Twitter meme trend, using red flag emojis to highlight warning signs and dealbreakers in hilarious ways — and Montrealers are no exception.

What are your Montreal-themed red flags? Is it a red flag if someone says Décarie is their favourite street in town? How about when someone actually looks forward to Montreal winters? Whatever your Montreal red flags may be, these nine memes will have you rolling on the floor laughing because they're way too relatable.

Tourisme Montréal got in on the action by dropping a truth bomb: how can you trust someone who's never heard of poutine?

As some of the responses indicate, the same person who's never heard of poutine probably thinks Toronto is better than Montreal and that New York bagels are better than Montreal bagels. WTF.

Twitter's @clownboy514 had a piece of advice for all the Montreal men out there: hanging an STM map on your wall does not count as home decor.

Montreal influencer Katie DiCaprio popped off on Twitter with red flag tweet after red flag tweet — in fact, there were too many for us to include here and they're all SO good.

From people with 438 numbers to guys that fail to change their tires in accordance with Quebec law and fans of Valentine Restaurant...

From people who pronounce Montreal wrong to people who are from Laval and more...

Katie roasted them all. And we adore her for it.

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