Cold Weather From The Arctic Is Spilling Down To Canada & Could 'Blanket' Quebec Next Week

Storms are also expected in two regions of Quebec, but not in Montreal.

Cold Weather From The Arctic Is Spilling Down To Canada & Could 'Blanket' Quebec Next Week

After warmer-than-normal temperatures this month, our good luck may be running out. According to The Weather Network, cold weather from the Arctic is about ready to spill down into Canada and it'll "blanket" Ontario and Quebec by Friday.

"The reason for the late onset of true winter-like cold is that the Arctic, a major reservoir of cold air for the country, has been running something of a fever in recent weeks. Numerous communities were delayed in seeing their first zero-degree daytime high," The Weather Network reported.

"However, that's soon about to change. The cold has, finally, been building, and now there's enough in that Arctic reservoir to spill down into the rest of Canada, as soon as this weekend."

The Weather Network is predicting that the Arctic chill will first sink down to the Prairie provinces, with some parts of central Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba feeling like -20 with the windchill.

Throughout the week, The Weather Network says "the worst of the cold" will migrate east to Ontario and Quebec.

While The Weather Network thankfully clarified that it won't be as cold in Quebec as in the Prairies, it says "it will be uncomfortably cold for many."

Meanwhile, there are storms expected to hit two regions of Quebec this weekend — snow in Abitibi and flooding in the Gaspé Peninsula.

All that said, Montreal's temperatures for next week don't appear to be too brutal. The forecast shows that Monday through Friday will see highs between 1 and 5 degrees and lows between -5 and 2. It appears that Saturday will be the coldest day, with a high of zero, a low of -6 and scattered flurries.

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