Time To Hibernate — Montreal's Weather Forecast Shows Temperatures Below 0 C This Week

The time has come when winter temperatures are preparing to fully take over our city. Get that winter jacket out, because Montreal's weather forecast for this week is predicting negative temperatures almost every night.

If The Weather Network is right, we're in for one hell of a cold week.

The Weather Network

Monday is expected to be the warmest day of the week, and it's only supposed to get as high as 5 C. Temperatures are likely to drop below zero every night except Thursday. So, prepare to freeze a little if you plan on leaving your house this week.

And if you had any hope for a little burst of more warm weather in the near future, don't count on it.

The Weather Network is predicting an Arctic chill will make its way across the country shortly, saying that the "the worst of the cold" will migrate east to Ontario and Quebec by the end of the week.

We also aren't expected to get many hours of sun per day this upcoming week, except on Wednesday. So if you're planning to do any outdoor activities soon, that day may be your best bet.

For any snow lovers out there, you're in for a little treat this week. Between Thursday and Saturday, the city could see almost 6 centimetres of snow. Of course, that isn't a lot in Montreal terms, but it's quite a bit for November.

I guess this means hibernation season has officially begun.

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