Montreal-based Goalcast, "the world's leading empowering media company," has some exciting news: Not only is the company branching out into original content, but it's opened some new job positions in Montreal, and elsewhere, to help take on the task. Montrealers are encouraged to apply to help bring some flair from the company's hometown to the new era of motivation and inspiration.

Started in 2016 by Cyrus Gorjipour and Salim Sader, the co-founders saw something missing in the traditional academic system.

Since then, the company has gone on to reach 32 million people each month, with view counts in the 500 million-range — more than some blockbuster movies!

MTL Blog got the chance to chat with Gorjipour, CEO of Goalcast, about the new project and what it would be like for Montrealers who apply.

What types of jobs are you looking for; can Montrealers work from home?

We're not just looking to fill jobs, we're looking to align with mission-driven people who want to make a global impact.

Goalcast plans to scale by 50% by the end of Q1 and we have roles available in every department. We are looking for top talent in content creation, distribution, production, operations and human potential.

You can find our open positions here and expect to see more over the coming months.

For those interested in working at Goalcast, you're invited to join us this Friday, November 27 for our hiring event, Go Higher with Goalcast. You'll have the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes, get the chance to meet the team and see where we're going from here.

Absolutely, [Montrealers can work from home]. Our team is fully equipped to work remotely and everyone is set up with what they need to work comfortably. The office is open for those who want to come in, however, while following proper COVID-19 protocols.

We limit the number of employees each day and monitor who comes in. While it's not mandatory to come to the office, the team has the option to see some familiar faces and enjoy our on-site amenities like our meditation room, gym or sauna if needed.

What is something Montrealers should know about the hiring process?

It's challenging by design. We are looking for people who want to change the world and who are already doing so in their own way.

Creating change of that magnitude is not for the faint of heart, so our hiring process is designed to find those who can rise to the challenge.

A unique part of our hiring process is our immersion days and immersion weeks. We test each candidate on a mini-project with immersion day to see if their skills and mindset align with the company values. If so, we offer candidates the opportunity to take on a week-long project which helps us mutually determine if there's a fit.

Not only does this give us confidence in the candidate, it gives them the chance to really get to know the team, the environment and what will be required to be successful in this role.

Bringing on a new Goalcaster is a big decision for us, but an even bigger decision for them. We want to make sure they know what they're getting into.

This week will push candidates past their perceived limits and empower them to create great work, that's what we're all about.

Montreal has always been a very creative city: what do you expect from the content from Montreal?

Montreal has some of the best talents, bar none. We expect greatness, innovation and originality.

Goalcast is planning to take over Hollywood; gone are the days of needing to go to Los Angeles to "make it," so we need to align with the most exceptional talent out there and we know there's a ton of it in our hometown. 

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