Current California senator and former Montrealer Kamala Harris is projected to become the first female U.S. vice president alongside Joe Biden, according to the New York Times, which has called the presidential election for the Democratic ticket.

Donald Trump has already made clear he's going to contest election results, however, and more ballots remain to be counted.

Harris spent many of her formative years in Montreal, relocating from California after her mother, Dr. Shyamala Harris got a position at the Jewish General Hospital and McGill University.

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Harris attended Westmount High School. In August, when Biden chose Harris as his running mate, the school tweeted that its community "couldn’t be more proud" of its alumna.

In her memoir, Harris wrote that, as a child and teenager, she had mixed emotions about living in Quebec, "[adjusting] to [her] new surroundings" by high school but feeling a "constant sense of yearning to be back home."

She also struggled with French.

"I used to joke that I felt like a duck because all day long at our new school I'd be saying 'Quoi? Quoi? Quoi?'" she wrote.

She went on to attend Howard University in Washington, D.C.

Harris was the attorney general of California before becoming a senator in 2017.

She ran for the Democratic nomination for president but suspended her campaign in December 2019.

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