A few days ago, MTL Blog reported that someone had added Christmas decorations to the mysterious little pink house atop the old Canada Malting Silos building in Saint-Henri.

The daredevil trespasser(s) previously painted the cabin of the abandoned factory pink and hung-up green curtains. That is, assuming it's the same person or people. 

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We knew they went all out for the holidays, adding a Christmas tree, a giant present wrapped with a bow and a nametag addressed "To: St-Henri From: Little Pink."

However, since we'd only seen the pink house's holiday look during the day, there was still something we didn't know yet: the Christmas tree has fully functional lights that shine at night.

Frédéric Falardeau made the discovery on the evening of December 11. 

He sent out his drone to take photos and videos, which he said he immediately uploaded to Facebook. 

"I saw them slowly light [up]. First, on the east side [...] they were flickering at first," he told MTL Blog.

"Typical solar light system."

It would make sense for the lights to run on solar energy. That's one mystery we can solve.

As for who is behind this, how they're doing it, and the why ...  we're still working on that one.

In a July interview, the owner of the site told MTL Blog that the climb to the top is about 142 feet (43 metres). He also said it's closed off to the public and extremely dangerous.

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