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Montreal's Pink House Was Decorated For Christmas By A Mysterious Daredevil Again (PHOTOS)

Locals have been waiting for their friendly neighbourhood trespasser's annual holiday surprise.

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Montreal's Pink House Was Decorated For Christmas By A Mysterious Daredevil Again (PHOTOS)

It's officially Christmas in Saint-Henri. How do we know? Because Montreal's mysterious little pink house has put up its 2021 Christmas decorations.

The decorations still weren't up as of Monday, leading antsy members of community Facebook groups to wonder why — some theorizing it had become too dangerous for whoever's maintaining the installation. Meanwhile, others questioned whether the secret daredevil trespassers behind the pink house are graffiti artists who recently passed away.

But on Tuesday morning, neighbourhood residents began noticing that Secret Santa had paid the pink house a visit overnight, leaving a Christmas tree, huge blue gift, ribbons on the window shutters and a wreath — different decorations than last year, which featured a big yellow present.

One such resident was photographer Shaune Thompson who snapped a picture of the house in its holiday attire.

Shaune Thompson | Facebook

"I drive to work every day along Rue Saint-Ambroise and finally spotted something new on the roof [Tuesday] morning," Thompson told MTL Blog. "I am so happy our Secret Santa returned this year and brought a special Christmas to Saint-Henri."

The little pink house atop the abandoned Canada Malting Silos factory has been baffling Montrealers since it first appeared in 2019.

No one knows who put it there or why. But, in July 2020, the owner of the plant site told Narcity Québec that "the people who did this, they're crazy."

"I've been up there before. The last 40 feet is with a ladder, outside, and it's high," Steven Quon said. "It's unacceptable and it's dangerous."

While we may have no idea who's behind the little pink house, one thing's for sure: their dangerous stunts are not in vain.

"St Henri has a mysterious Santa who, to the delight of all, miraculously scales the ruins of our beloved and historical Canada Malting silos to annually install a fully dressed Christmas tree. Alongside the tree is an enormous present with a gift tag addressed to St Henri from Little Pink. This year a large wreath was added to the side of the pink house as well," wrote Centre d’Art E. K. Voland in an Instagram post about the pink house.

"Whoever gifts us with this phenomenal feat every year chooses to remain anonymous which greatly adds to the charm. Thank-you to whomever you may be! This tree has become emblematic of the love we all share for the hood."

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