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Gas Prices In Quebec Are Rising — Here’s Where Fuel Is Most Expensive

The price of gas is expected to rise...yet again.⛽️💰

Esso gas station at night time in Quebec, Canada.

Esso gas station at night time in Quebec, Canada.

Remember the good 'ole days where gas was so cheap in March 2020? Well, those days are long gone. According to CAA-Quebec, the average price per litre across the province is 164.4 cents per litre as of March 1, up from 162.5 cents per litre on February 28.

It was only last month that the average price for gas was 157.2 cents per litre, so it's no shock that prices are expected to increase even more.

The cost of fuel has been steadily rising since numerous sanctions against Russia have come into effect following the ongoing crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

On February 28, Justin Trudeau stated in a tweet that Canada will stop all imports of Russian oil. "The sector accounts for more than one-third of Russia’s federal budget revenue and, even though Canada has barely imported any Russian oil and gas in recent years, this move sends a powerful message," he wrote.

Gas pricing expert and forecaster, Dan McTeague said in a tweet that the cost of fuel could climb by two cents a litre Wednesday, March 2, and then three cents by Thursday, March 3.

When it comes to the most expensive gas prices across Quebec, Brossard is a clear winner with 170.9 cents per litre, with Blainville (169.4/L), in second, Saint-Eustache (168.9/L) in third, and Montreal in fourth with 168.4 cents per litre, as stated by CAA-Quebec.

Other regions with the highest fuel costs as of March 1 are Gaspé (167.6/L), Quebec (166.9/L), Laval (166.3/L), Trois-Rivières (166.1/L), Rimouski (166.0/L), Drummondville (165.5/L), and Repentigny (164.9/L).

Gas prices are lowest in Saint-Jerome (159.9/L), Alma (158.9/L), Magog (158.1/L), Granby (157.7/L), Gatineau (155.8/L), and Chicoutimi (154.7/L), says CAA-Quebec.

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