The Government Of Canada Is Sending $25 Million Worth Of Protective Equipment To Ukraine

"To help the people of Ukraine defend themselves," Trudeau said.

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The Government Of Canada Is Sending $25 Million Worth Of Protective Equipment To Ukraine

On Sunday, February 27, the Government of Canada's minister of foreign affairs, Mélanie Joly, announced the country's plan to send Ukraine $25 million of equipment for its soldiers.

"Ukraine has asked for more equipment to keep their soldiers safe. They need helmets, body armour and gas masks. Canada is delivering just that with an additional $25M worth of protective gear. And there will be more," Joly tweeted.

So far in 2022, Canada has also offered the Government of Ukraine loans of up to $620 million "to support the country's economic resilience and governance reforms."

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau provided more details on the $25 million of equipment being sent to Ukraine.

"To help the people of Ukraine defend themselves, we're sending them additional military supplies that have been requested — including night vision goggles, body armour, gas masks, and helmets," Trudeau wrote.

He then continued to condemn Russian President Vladimir Putin's "brazen disregard for international law and human rights," adding that his government will continue to be there for the people of Ukraine.

This news comes only hours after Minister of Transport Omar Alghabra announced the closure of Canada's airspace to all Russian aircraft operators, which came into effect at 9 a.m. on Sunday, February 27.

"We will hold Russia accountable for its unprovoked attacks against Ukraine," Alghabra tweeted.

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