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Health Canada Has Recalled This Ginger Powder Due To A Poisonous Chemical Contamination

The recalled product was distributed and sold throughout Quebec.

Ginger powder recalled by Health Canada. Right: Spice aisle in grocery store.

Ginger powder recalled by Health Canada. Right: Spice aisle in grocery store.

Health Canada recently recalled this cheese brand from shelves across Quebec. Now, the federal health department, along with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), has added to the list of affected products across the province by recalling a specific ginger powder due to poisonous chemical contamination.

The recall was issued on September 1, 2022, and applies to the following product:

  • Mr. Right Keampferia Galanga Powder (454g)

According to Health Canada, the "affected product is being recalled from the marketplace due to aconitine contamination. The toxin, aconitine, comes from the roots of a plant, Monkshood, also known as Wolfsbane or Keampfeira, which is a poisonous plant."

This recall was triggered by the company, and there have been reports of illness associated with the consumption of this ginger powder.

The CFIA is urging the public to not sell, distribute, consume or serve the recalled item as food contaminated with aconitine can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness, irregular heartbeats and in some severe cases, death. The contaminated product may not look or smell spoiled, and symptoms can arise rapidly.

The recalled product has been sold in Quebec, British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and may have been distributed in other provinces and territories.

If you are in possession of the affected item, Health Canada recommends tossing it away or returning it to the point of purchase. Additionally, if you think you became sick from consuming the recalled product, Health Canada advises that you contact your healthcare provider immediately.

At the moment, the CFIA is conducting a food safety investigation and is verifying that the industry is removing the recalled product from the marketplace.

This article's right-hand cover image was used for illustrative purposes only.

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