Here's What Quebec's App For Vaccine Passports Will Look Like

The Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dubé, indicated on Twitter on Wednesday, August 11, that locals will be able to download Quebec's app for vaccine passports starting August 23 — and it will be free.

As September 1 rapidly approaches — the day non-essential activities and places in Quebec are set to require proof of vaccination — the Quebec government is beginning to test out the app for vaccine passports where one's QR code is scanned to ensure everything runs smoothly.

In Dubé's tweet, you can see a preview of what the app will look like.

"Adequately Protected" will be listed below the name of a fully vaccinated person. "Not Adequately Protected" will be displayed on the app of a person who has not received COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The vaccine passport will be required for access to, among other things, "high traffic" public events, such as festivals, but also for "high contact" socializing activities, such as restaurants, bars, and gyms, according to Dubé.

A "comprehensive list" of businesses affected by the measure will be revealed to the general public on August 23, the same day the application will be available.