Hydro-Québec Is Back At It With The Sassy Responses To Rude Tweets — Grab Some Popcorn

Babe, Hydro-Québec is tweeting again.😎🍿

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The Hydro-Québec logo on its downtown Montreal headquarters.

The Hydro-Québec logo on its downtown Montreal headquarters.

While Hydro-Québec crews are busy restoring power lines, Hydro-Québec social media managers have been hard at work, too. They've responded to hundreds of tweets from customers since the April 5 freezing rain storm. Most of those responses consist of updates or links to additional resources. They've also thanked customers for their patience and expressed gratitude for messages of encouragement.

But, as Narcity Québec reports, Hydro's social media team also famously doesn't hesitate to engage with naysayers, often throwing back just as much sass and passive aggression as aggrieved customers lob their way.

The result might be humiliating for rude Twitter users, but it's excellent entertainment for everyone else waiting in the dark.

Here are some of the best Hydro-Québec tweets so far.

Hold on, let me close Twitter and grab my hard hat.


"You're very fragile. I have the right to give you shit, I pay and I'm a client."

"Despite your state of mind, we do not accept insults."

"Do you know the word 'burying the lines'???"

That's three words.

"Putting the entire grid underground would represent an investment of about $100 billion, which would be reflected in electricity rates. But the #1 concern of our customers, by far, is [electricity] rates."

Not all customer tweets were rude. Hydro social media managers also had a little fun.

"Seems to me that wearing a white turtleneck would be appropriate."

"Wearing a white turtleneck is ALWAYS appropriate!"

"1,000 employees / 1,100,000 homes in outages... so ratio of 1 employee per 1,000 homes, hishhhhh it may be a long time..."

"It doesn't work like that."

"Double time, triple time, no problemo.🤑"

"Would you prefer that we stick to our normal schedules?"

"What an ice storm it has barely wet here.😂🤣 It's getting worse and worse your system. Or are you trying to get people used to the outages?🤔"

"Have you not seen the photos we've been sharing since yesterday?"

"Not so bad in overtime at $75-100 an hour stretching the job to earn more... real good union workers!"

"We reassure you: everyone would rather be with their family and be able to pursue their plans for the long weekend."

Hydro also has to educate people on how its revenue works.

"There are people paid by our tax dollars to think about this kind of thing. Open the Hydro-Québec outage map and see how taxpayer money is being used to provide a reliable power grid. It's purely pathetic."

"Not a single penny of Quebecers' taxes goes to Hydro-Québec."

"Every year there are power outages! It's not like it's not predictable! And there are 0 anticipations... Thanks @hydroquebec! your CEO, remind me how much he made again? You should pay us for your mismanagement of the network!"


The company's efforts on Twitter didn't go unnoticed by all.

"To the person(s) handling social media for @hydroquebec Congratulations on dealing with all the negative comments, plus maybe you don't even have electricity at home. Sorry that so many people are ignorant of the power of nature."

"Thank you. Indeed, some of us are also affected by outages. #solidarity 😅"

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