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Hydro-Québec Is Hilariously Dissing Twitter Trolls & Regular Folks With Snarky Replies

Hydro-Québec and passive-aggressive comments go together like peanut butter and jelly. 🥪💛

Hydro-Québec Is Hilariously Dissing Twitter Trolls & Regular Folks With Snarky Replies

Hydro-Québec is back at it with some seriously passive-aggressive comments on Twitter and honestly, we're here for it.

We all think of Hydro-Québec as simply the company that provides us with electricity – but it turns out it's much more than just that. Hydro-Québec's social network managers are just as electric as the utility the corporation provides.

Those in the know look to Hydro-Québec's accounts for sharp comedy, and reading through Hydro-Québec's responses to commenters on social media is always a good time.

On January 20, the company requested that customers reduce their electricity consumption for the following two days. Naturally, people reacted.

On Twitter, one customer wrote, "Ho WoW. I am cancelling my Netflix subscription right now and going to track my live consumption..."

That's when Hydro-Quebec responded with this hilarious photo-montage of a group of people sitting in front of a TV that displays electricity consumption levels, adding "At @FredLeboeuf's right now."

Another sassy comment from Hydro-Québec told one Twitter user to "Google the definition of business" after they said they didn't consider a monopoly a business.

"Fortunately, you are not the one defining the term," the company added.

Just an hour or so later, Hydro-Quebec called out someone else on Twitter for their reading skills.

"Read it again, as slowly as required," they responded to an individual who questioned the words in one of the company's tweets.

The funny commentary doesn't start there.

In response to the tweet from a customer above that sarcastically says they've decided to stop showering during the week after Hydro-Québec's request to lower consumption, even if their stinkyness ends up disgusting their coworkers.

Hydro-Québec made sure to let this individual know that that wasn't what it was aiming for.

"Your colleagues asked us to remind you that our only recommendation was to slightly reduce the duration of your showers and to take them outside of peak hours."

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