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This Ice Rink & Winter Wonderland Under 3 Hours From Montreal Is Straight Out Of 'Frozen'

A short drive, but a world away. ❄️

​An ice skating rink. Right: An illuminated bar made of ice blocks.

An ice skating rink. Right: An illuminated bar made of ice blocks.

Something icy this way comes. Just two and a half hours south of Montreal, Lake George is shedding its summer skin to reveal a winter wonderland that's part Narnia, part Frozen. It's an icy escapade that's close to home, yet magically far from the ordinary.

Winter Realms, formerly known as Ice Castles, has evolved into a captivating spectacle, promising visitors a unique frosty adventure.

Chill out close to home

Visitors can glide under the stars at the ice skating rink, where warming stations provide comfort and skate rentals are available for those without their own.

The Polar Pub is set to add a touch of après-ski culture with its winter-themed cocktails served in an ice-inspired setting. A stroll through the Mystic Light Walk offers an experience of otherworldly illumination, perfect for an evening of exploration.

The event also features an Ice Sculpture Garden where visitors can marvel at the intricacies of frozen art capturing themes from the Chinese zodiac and other seasonal inspirations.

For those with a penchant for holiday traditions, Santa’s Candy Cane Court is open until December 23, offering an opportunity for festive photos and greetings with Santa Claus.

Snowman Park provides a playful twist, where visitors can engage in the joy of making snowmen, complete with all the necessary accessories for crafting a frosty friend. For a moment of warmth, Picnic Plaza offers a spot to enjoy winter treats surrounded by outdoor heaters.

An Arctic Alcove experience is also in the pipeline, promising VIP treatment in a secluded and luxury setting within the wintry expanse.

Less shivering, more shimmering

As Lake George transforms into a winter fairytale, access to the icy paradise is a ticket away. For those planning their visit during off-peak times, ticket prices are affordable. General admission is set at $17 (USD), while a child's ticket (for ages four to 11) costs $14. Children under three years old don't need a ticket.

Peak times, which include Fridays through Sundays and specific dates (December 14 | January 1, 15, 29 | February 19 to 23), see a slight increase in ticket prices. During high-demand periods, general admission tickets are priced at $20, and children's tickets are $15. The peak times coincide with weekends and key holiday dates with more activities and a festive ambiance.

Winter Realms is set to open its doors on November 24, aligning with the 25th annual Lite Up the Village celebration, marking the start of the holiday season in Lake George. Running until March 3, 2024, the enchanting event is open from Thursday to Sunday and daily during selected holiday periods.

Sometimes, the best way to beat the winter blues is to simply "freeze" the day!

Winter Realms

\u200bPeople skate in front of an illuminated Christmas tree that reflects on the rink.

People skate in front of an illuminated Christmas tree that reflects on the rink.

Courtesy of Winter Realms.

When: Opens November 24

Where: Charles R. Wood Park, 19 W Brook Rd, Lake George, NY

Cost: $17/off-peak, $20/peak (USD)

Accessibility: The Mystic Light Walk includes special lighting effects, which might be sensitive for some visitors. The event features flat pathways, but wheelchair users might find some snow-covered areas challenging to navigate.

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