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A Huge Fire Engulfed 2 Homes In Laval​ Last Night (PHOTOS)

It was reportedly caused by lightning.

Laval Fire Reportedly Caused By Lightning Destroyed 2 Homes

A Huge Fire Engulfed 2 Homes In Laval Last Night (PHOTOS)

A huge fire in Laval that was reportedly caused by a lightning strike has destroyed two residential homes.

The blaze engulfed the residences in Laval's Fabreville neighbourhood on Tuesday evening, according to a post from the Association des pompiers de Laval, which shared photos of the scene.

According to a TVA Nouvelles report, firefighters were dispatched to the scene at around 6:20 p.m.

Because of the wind, the fire damaged some other homes in the area, Laval fire department operations chief Patrick Ferland told the media outlet.

The two residences that were engulfed are considered a total loss, Ferland said.

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