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Madame Poulet Has Officially Opened In Laval & It's A Freakin' Fried Chicken Haven

Chicken burgers, tacos and tenders anyone? 🤤

Madame Poulet fried chicken sandwich, Right: Madame Poulet milkshakes.

Madame Poulet fried chicken sandwich, Right: Madame Poulet milkshakes.

Calling all chicken lovers! Madame Poulet has officially opened its doors in Laval and they're servin' up some real good friend chicken.

The family-style restaurant first launched in Blainville back in August 2021 and has since expanded to offer the Greater Montreal area a taste of their crispy, crunchy and juicy chicken. Madame Poulet announced the newest Laval location back in June, teasing their followers on social media with a "coming soon" post.

Luckily, the wait is over and Madame Poulet is in full force on Saint-Martin Ouest. You can enjoy an array of their fried chicken menu items including three burgers: Madame Poulet Classic, MPLT and the Madame Poulet Chou made with crispy chicken, pickles, coleslaw, and your choice of sauce all served on a brioche bun.

You can also opt for their delish tacos, including the TACO MPLT made up of two crispy chicken tacos with pickles, lettuce, tomatoes and your choice of sauce. Madame Poulet also offers a three-piece chicken tender option so that you can really get a taste of pure succulence.

The menu also has four types of fries to choose from, this way your burger, tacos or tenders won't get lonely. Choose from their waffle fries, poutine, nacho fries or choco fries, if you're looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Speaking of a sweet tooth, you can also pair your meal with a milkshake. Madame Poulet offers nine different flavours including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, raspberry, black cherry and cheesecake, to name a few — all of which are made from 100% Quebec dairy.

So, who's hungry?

Madame Poulet — Laval

Price: 💸

Address: 3240, Saint-Martin O., Laval, QC | 1321, boul. Michel-Bohec, Blainville, QC


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