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This Company In Lasalle Makes Cookies With Pancakes & A Syringe Of Quebec Maple Syrup

Could this be any more Canadian?

Maple syrup is good for two things: pancakes and dessert. Well, Beau Events in Lasalle couldn't decide which was better, so it created The Cabane à Beau.

Or, as I like to call it, the ultimate Canadian cookie.

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This New California-Inspired Resto Near Montreal Serves Chicken & Waffles All Day Long

So you can order them for breakfast, lunch OR dinner.

Chicken and waffles may not seem like the perfect combination — until you try it for yourself, that is. And a new restaurant near Montreal has absolutely perfected this combo.

Calì in Laval is the newest player in the fried chicken game adding a little bit of comfort to the cold season, especially with their chicken and waffle dish. 

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An All-New Doggy Café Is Open In Laval

For you and your best friend.

Dogs are man's best friend, and who doesn't like to go out for coffee with their bff? That's now possible at this all-new dog café in Laval. Café Arthur offers the opportunity for visitors to relax, rain or shine, while providing a fun space for their hairy friends.

The café opened its doors on July 2.

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This Laval Restaurant Has A Monster Burger & The Owners Don't Think Anyone Can Finish It

Can you handle it?

  • The End Game Burger at Allons Burger in Laval is a monster of meat and cheese.
  • The restaurant owners are so sure you can't finish it that they promise to reimburse you for the price of the dish if you do.

While extreme food challenges aren't uncommon in Quebec, Allons Burger's gigantic hamburger could intimidate even the most gluttonous among us. The towering sandwich, which the restaurant calls "the biggest burger in town," is a monster of juicy meat and oozing cheese with just two small buns holding it precariously together. It's so huge that the Allons Burger owners are certain that you will never be able to handle it alone.

Composed of six 200-gram patties, onion rings, smoked meat, beef bacon, two mozzarella patties, as well as Swiss cheese, this dish also comes buried under a mountain of fries.

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9 Authentic Greek Restaurants That Are Worth Going To Laval For

The 450 knows how to do greek!

When it comes to good, flavour-filled food, Greek dishes tend to stand out. As a kid growing up Greek in Montreal, my peers would always be in awe of my homemade lunches. Tiropita, mousaka, pastitsio, and lamb were always paired with feta, olives, and tzatziki. These simple yet memorable dishes have been a major part of my life. So, I decided to make a list of Greek restaurants in Laval.

I did this because when I think about Greek restaurants in our area, Laval always comes to mind. Laval is a short commute away from Montreal and just so happens to be home to some of the most authentic and delicious Greek eateries you can find.

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This New Restaurant Near The Metro In Laval Will Make You Feel Like You're In Palm Springs

A Californian oasis at the end of the orange line.

Laval is only a short commute away from Montreal and quickly adding to its collection of some of the trendiest spots in the metropolitan area. Westwood Grill & Bar is the newest player on the block. This restaurant within the Place Bell, next to Montmorency orange line station, will make you feel like you're in 1960s Palm Springs and the pictures are enough to have you jumping on the metro.

This project comes from by A5 agency and a female-led management team. The goal was to create a “festive restaurant,” one reason why the kitchen is open until midnight.

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