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Top Stories In And Around Montreal

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This Restaurant In Laval Serves $325 Shots Of Cognac (VIDEO)

In case you want to sip like the rich and famous.

If you've been hoping to hit the town the way the rich and famous do, TOWNE380 is where it's at. This restaurant in Laval recently reopened its doors and its menu just got even classier.

TOWNE380 now has LOUIS XIII on its drink menu, which is said to be "the most expensive cognac in Laval."

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You Can Get A Halal Sandwich & Box Of 12 Pastries For FREE In Laval This Weekend

All you have to do is show up!

If you're craving a delicious Halal sandwich packed to the brim with spices, veggies, sauce and meat — and, let's face it, who isn't? — then mark your calendar because you can get one for free near Montreal this weekend. You'll even get free pastries with it so you can finish off your meal with something sweet.

Centrale Bergham's Boulevard Curé-Labelle location in Laval, which is under new management, is having a grand opening event on Saturday, October 2 and you can enjoy delicious free goodies for simply showing up between noon and 8 p.m.

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This Restaurant In Laval Has An Over 4 Pound Burger Made With An Ostrich Egg (VIDEO)

As they say: the bigger, the better.

Do you ever get a burger craving and know right away that no normal size one will ever fulfill your massive craving? Well, there is a perfect place for you as this Laval restaurant makes a gigantic burger.

Located on Curée-Labelle Boulevard in Laval, Allons Burger has just released its Grand Chucky Burger, which is perfect for fast food lovers.

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This Company In Lasalle Makes Cookies With Pancakes & A Syringe Of Quebec Maple Syrup

Could this be any more Canadian?

Maple syrup is good for two things: pancakes and dessert. Well, Beau Events in Lasalle couldn't decide which was better, so it created The Cabane à Beau.

Or, as I like to call it, the ultimate Canadian cookie.

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This New California-Inspired Resto Near Montreal Serves Chicken & Waffles All Day Long

So you can order them for breakfast, lunch OR dinner.

Chicken and waffles may not seem like the perfect combination — until you try it for yourself, that is. And a new restaurant near Montreal has absolutely perfected this combo.

Calì in Laval is the newest player in the fried chicken game adding a little bit of comfort to the cold season, especially with their chicken and waffle dish. 

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An All-New Doggy Café Is Open In Laval

For you and your best friend.

Dogs are man's best friend, and who doesn't like to go out for coffee with their bff? That's now possible at this all-new dog café in Laval. Café Arthur offers the opportunity for visitors to relax, rain or shine, while providing a fun space for their hairy friends.

The café opened its doors on July 2.

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