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6 Of The Biggest, Juiciest & Crispiest Fried Chicken Sandwiches You Can Find In Montreal

One is called the Ho Lee F**k Burger!
6 Of The Biggest, Juiciest & Crispiest Fried Chicken Sandwiches You Can Find In Montreal

Fried chicken appears to be taking over Montreal and we're definitely not mad about it. But if you're eating solo or you want to offset the crispy heat of the chicken with some cool, creamy slaw — among other toppings — then there's nothing more satisfying than ordering a fried chicken sandwich

These are some of the biggest, juiciest and crispiest fried chicken sandwiches you can get in the city right now. Is your mouth watering yet?

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Jack Miel Sandwich from Jack Le Coq

Price: $8.95

Address: 4501, rue Wellington, Verdun, QC

Description: Red spicy honey fried chicken tenders, creamy coleslaw, pickles, honey mustard sauce on a potato bun.

Moon Dog Sandwich from Bucky Rooster's

Price: $17

Address: 3981, rue Notre-Dame O., Montreal, QC

Description: Chicken breast with chilli jam, escabeche slaw, red sauce, pickles & house mayo, served on a potato bun.

Nashville Sandwich from Le Coq Frit

Price: $11.99

Address: 52A, rue de la Gauchetière O. & 1800, rue Saint-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Description: "Spicy fried chicken breast covered with our secret spice blend, spicy mayonnaise, pickles and creamy coleslaw," according to Uber Eats.

Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Le Petit Vibe

Price: $8.50

Address: 5536A, chemin du Côte des Neiges, Montreal, QC

Description: Spicy crispy chicken thigh on a brioche bun with housemade hot oil, Calamansi aioli and atchara (pickled papaya).

Mega Roch from Roch le Coq

Price: $13

Address: 1541, avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC

Description: Mega fried chicken, kimchi mayo, pikliz (a Haitian condiment), pickled peppers, and lettuce.

Ho Lee F**k Burger from Ho Lee Chix

Price: $8

Address: 30 rue Sainte-Catherine O., Montreal, QC

Description: Potato roll, pickle, jalapenos, cabbage, Chinese mayo — and a big hunk of fried chicken.


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