Legault Reacted To The Liberal Win & Says He'll Work With Trudeau On Quebec's Interests
Émilie Nadeau via @francoislegault.pm | Instagram

Justin Trudeau's Liberal party has come out of Canada's 2021 election with another minority government, setting the balance of power in Ottawa for potentially another four years.

On Tuesday morning, Quebec Premier François Legault released a brief statement congratulating Trudeau on his victory.

"I will work with him to advance Quebec's interests," Legault wrote on Twitter.

Trudeau's victory comes after a raucous run-up to the election in which Legault was openly critical of not only Trudeau but also federal encroachment on provincial jurisdiction and attitudes towards Quebec more generally.

"There are three parties at the federal level that want to reduce the autonomy of the Quebec nation," Legault said at the National Assembly days before the election.

The premier also called the framing of a question at the English-language federal leaders' debate an "attack" on Quebec.