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13 Montreal Parks That Make For The Best Picnic Spots In The City (MAP)

My favourite part about our city during the summer has to be watching Montreal's many beautiful parks come to life. Throughout the city, there are a ton of breathtaking spots that make ideal settings for a little picnic. And now that summer is here, it's as though eating in the grass is all us locals want to do. 

Some of the parks on this list are classic Montreal spots, while other places are a little more "low-key."

But, one thing is similar to all of them: they're ideal for a little picnic with yourself or with a group of friends. 

From small and almost hidden parks to big and popular spaces, you will have a picture-perfect picnic at each of the following locations. 

All of the following parks have a unique charm and each of the parks should be respected.

All I ask is that you make sure that you pick up after yourself and don't leave your trash lying around.

We spend enough time indoors during the winter.

So, if you're looking to get outside and take advantage of summer, go pack some snacks, grab a bottle of wine, and go enjoy one of the many fabulous parks our city has to offer.

Angrignon Park

Where: 3400, blvd. Trinitaires

This large park is located in Montreals Sud-Ouest area and has a true 19th century, English gardens feel.

There are a ton of picturesque spots to enjoy a picnic within this park that are really romantic!


Where: 2425, blvd. Gouin E.

This charming park is located on a river island and offers a ton of walking and cycling paths. There are even BBQ sites that will take your picnic to a different level.

Guests can sit by the water and enjoy a beautiful day outdoors while having a little wine and cheese thanks to Montreal's picnic law.

Connaught Park

Where: 1072, blvd. Laird

Located in the prestigious Town of Mount Royal neighbourhood, this park has so many beautiful spots.

From the abundance of flowers to the greenery and even the tennis courts, it makes for a great place to picnic.

Lachine Canal

Lachine Canal is one of the most romantic places in Montreal and although it's not considered a park, it's too great not to add to this list.

As you sit by the water, you can enjoy a lovely picnic with that special someone or even on your own. It makes for a day to remember!

Westmount Park

Where: 329, 327, ave. Melville

This public park in Westmount is by far one of the best picnic spots in the city. There's something beautiful and serene about this location that is worth checking out.

Parc Maisonneuve

Where: 4601, rue Sherbrooke E.

With views of the Olympic Stadium, this beautiful park has everything you need for a memorable picnic on a hot summer day.

There is a lot of nature, a lot of space and a lot of beauty, what more could you need?

Murray Hill Park

Where: Murray Hill Avenue

Located in the beautiful Westmount area, this park has stunning views and a ton of greenery to admire.

The hill-like park makes for a great picnic destination within the city.

Saint-Louis Square

Where: Rue St-Denis

Saint-Louis Square is by far one of my favourite places in the city.

There's something so unique and charming about this location that makes for the ideal picnic backdrop.

From the tree to the colourful homes around it, this spot has so much to offer.

Outremont Park

Where: Cross-section of rue St. Viateur & ave. Outremont

I personally love this park, especially when I'm looking for somewhere to go on a picnic.

From the breathtaking trees to the small pond of water and its cool fountain, there's no denying that Outremont Park makes for a romantic setting that anyone can enjoy.

John Pratt Park

Where: 795, ave. Dunlop

Located in Outremont, this park is one of the most underrated picnic destinations in the city.

If you're looking for somewhere low-key and charming to enjoy a little feast in a park, this destination may be the ideal spot for you.

Parc La Fontaine

Where: 3819, ave. Calixa-Lavallée

Parc La Fontaine is one of the most popular parks in Montreal and if you've ever been, you know why.

Not only is it big, but it's full of great spots to sit and set up a picnic. And, as a bonus, there are a lot of trees to provide you with shade.

Park Little Italy

Where: 6634, rue Clark

This may be one of the smaller parks on the list, but that doesn't mean it's any less special. Found in Little Italy, this is a great place to picnic.

Not only are there a ton of tables set up, but the city feels combined with nature will make you fall in love with this spot.

Jardins des Floralies

Where: 1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

This location looks like it has come straight off the pages of a romance novel.

As one of the most romantic places in Montreal, there is no denying that this is a great spot to set up shop and enjoy a picnic in the park.

Here's a map of all the parks that were mentioned in this list.

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Happy picnic-ing!

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