14 Just Hilarious Tweets About McGill Students' Really, Really Questionable 'Fight Club'

2020 has been full of unexpected events, to say the least. And Montreal's most recent is, hands down, the McGill fight club activity that allegedly took place on Monday, November 9, which is said to have been organized by first-year students living in the university's residences.

A clear violation of public health rules, Twitter users have been non-stop discussing the "McGill fight club" event since the night it happened.

And the reactions we're seeing are just straight-up hilarious...

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While we can't confirm where this "schedule" originated from, this can give you an idea of what everyone's talking about.

Breaking news!

This event could very well do down in history.

Some people have tried to figure out what made it happen. Here's one of the best ideas:

Meanwhile, others are imagining visuals of what the event may have looked like.

And of course, the idea activity is believed to be based on the original Fight Club movie released in 1999.

Here, you can see the movie and the university really come together.

And while we're on the topic of movies...

Will movies be written about this event? Only time will tell.

One thing's for sure, Maxime has truly made his mark.

People think even our dear Céline will be honouring him.

McGill has forever been known as the "Harvard of Canada."

Just gonna leave this one here...

As for the rest, go ahead and look up "McGill fight club" on Twitter... You will not be disappointed.