15 Montreal Restaurants Were Ranked Among 'Canada's Top 100 Places To Eat In 2022'

But not one makes the Yelp ranking's top 10.

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15 Montreal Restaurants Were Ranked Among 'Canada's Top 100 Places To Eat In 2022'

Get your dining forks and pitchforks ready because whether you like it or hate it, you're bound to feel strongly about Yelp's ranking of Canada's Top 100 Places to Eat in 2022. Fifteen Montreal restaurants made the list, though none are in the top 10.

The ranking is based on Yelp user nominations, which the company then analyzed according to ratings, the number of reviews, and the volume of submissions, using input from its local community managers to finalize the results. So it's perhaps unsurprising that there are no restaurants outside the metropolis on the list and the Montreal restaurants that did make the cut are among the city's most popular.

Brunch spot L'Avenue is the highest-ranking Montreal restaurant, coming in at number 14. Mainstays La Banquise and Schwartz's made the top 50, at number 43 and 44, respectively.

Olive & Gourmando (30), Modavie (40), Bouillon Bilk (42), Joe Beef (57), Le Passé Composé (74), Le Cartet (87), Yin Ji Chang Fen (88), Kazu (91), Damas (92), Monarque (94), Sushi Momo (97) and L'Express (99) round out the Montreal entries.

The Canadian province with the most restaurants in the Yelp ranking is — you guessed it — Ontario. Toronto has four restaurants in the top 10, including sandwich shop/bakery Grandma Loves You in the top spot. Markham, Ontario, squeezed into third place with Korean chicken spot Kore Chicken.

Vancouver claims the rest of the top spots. The restaurant in second place is the city's Kingyo Izakaya.

Yelp writer Brenae Leary says the company's "seventh annual list highlights quick service spots, brunch destinations and local neighborhood gems."

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