21 Montreal Restaurants Were Ranked Among The 100 Best In Canada For 2022

Must-try spots to add to your "to eat" list! 😋

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Montreal terrasse. Right: People doing a cheers with wine over pizzas.

Montreal terrasse. Right: People doing a cheers with wine over pizzas.

When it comes to dining in Montreal, it feels as though there are a million and one spots to choose from. Thankfully, there are rankings such as "Canada's 100 Best Restaurants in 2022" that help us narrow down our search a little.

This year, 21 Montreal restaurants made the Top 100 — some iconic spots made the list, like Joe Beef and Le Vin Papillon and other lesser-known ones were given their time to shine.

Here are all the Montreal restaurants that made this new ranking:

  • Vin Mon Lapin #6
  • Monarque #17
  • L’Express #21
  • Le Mousso #24
  • Joe Beef #26
  • Montréal Plaza #31
  • Pastel #39
  • Pichai #45
  • Jun I #49
  • Le Vin Papillon #52
  • Maison Publique #55
  • Nora Gray #58
  • Milos #59
  • Il Pagliaccio #60
  • Marconi #65
  • Gia #69
  • Île Flottante #70
  • Mastard #81
  • Beaumont #84
  • Paloma #85
  • Elena #91

Montreal first finds itself in the list at the sixth spot because according to Canada's 100 Best, the top five spots to eat out in our country are found in either British Columbia or Ontario. If ever you're planning a trip to Vancouver this summer, adding "dinner at Published on Main" to your to-do list sounds like a good idea since it was ranked the top resto in the country!

But if ever you're just staying in the 514 this summer (nothing wrong with that), then you may want to consider booking a reservation at one of these 21 top-ranked spots in the city. They're all basically a culinary trip in themselves anyway!

Wishing you were in Italy? Hit up Elena. Sad you can't hop on a plane to Thailand right now? Visit Pichai. Dreaming of spending hours sipping wine in Paris? Check out L'Express.

Alanna Moore
Contributing Writer
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