Here's Where You Can Get Colourful & Refreshing Popsicles In Montreal

A necessity on a hot day.
Here's Where You Can Get Colourful & Refreshing Popsicles In Montreal

Now that Montreal has officially begun to see summer, it's time to start cooling ourselves down with some cold and tasty snacks. And, what's more refreshing than a popsicle on a hot summer day? There are some cool spots in Montreal that make popsicles that are more than just your regular, gas station ones — not that there's anything wrong with an 89 cent banana popsicle, of course.

With heatwaves taking over our city, there are some fabulous ice cream spots and popsicle shops to check out, that will satisfy your taste buds and keep you cooled down at the same time.

From boozy popsicles to smoothie based ones, there's something for everyone when it comes to this tasty summertime treat.

There are so many cool flavours to try in and around the island. And what better time than now to give them all a little taste test?

Currently, these five locations are open and ready for business throughout the summer months.

If you've tried any of these spots, you know just how good their popsicles are.


Where: 436, rue St-Francois Xavier

These refreshing and flavour-filled popsicles are a great way of cooling down this summer. Plus, they are really delicious.

Boozipops are on the menu too, just to add to the fun.


POP Culture Gourmet Popsicles

Where: 33, rue du Yacht Club

This spot may be located a little further than the rest, but its boozy popsicles are totally worth the drive to Hudson.


Glace des Arts

Where: 1635, rue Clark

This ice-cream shop also has some of the most amazing popsicles I've ever tasted. If you're craving something sweet and cold, it could be the perfect spot for you.


Juliette & Chocolat

Where: 196, rue Jean-Talon E.

If you want a chocolate popsicle to cool your body temperature down with, Juliette & Chocolat is the place for you. Plus, these desserts are so decadent, they're basically an entire meal.


Crèmerie Pandan

Where: Atwater Market

Crèmerie Pandan's smoothie popsicles are tasty, healthy, and refreshing. A must-try for any popsicle lover.


I hope these spots help cool you down on a hot Montreal day!

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