7 Salaried Jobs You Can Apply To In Montreal Right Now If You Have Almost No Experience

With convocation season coming up at universities across Montreal, it's the perfect time to get a head start on applying for jobs you can get straight out of university in Quebec with little experience.

Since most business offices are closed, you have the opportunity to start working in your chosen field from the comfort of your own home.

Does it get any better than that?

We've rounded up seven of the best and most recent job postings in Montreal in different specialized fields.

If you're about to get your bachelor's degree, or already have it, scroll through to find which Montreal companies are currently hiring people — almost no experience needed!

Temporary Financial Analyst, KPMG

Viocara | Dreamstime

Degree required: No

Why You Need To Apply: KPMG is looking for a new financial analyst with a post-secondary degree. You need to have advanced Microsoft Excel skills and proficient knowledge of PowerPoint.

If you have knowledge of Hyperion, HANA and SAP, you'll have an edge on other applicants.

Photography Coordinator, Groupe Dynamite 

groupedynamite | Instagram

Degree required: Yes

Why You Need To Apply: Groupe Dynamite is looking for a bilingual Photography Coordinator for its e-commerce platforms. They're looking for someone with a college degree in photography and some experience in shooting photos.

A valid driver's license is necessary for this posting, as well as a strong Instagram portfolio and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

Internal Communications Collaborator, IKEA

Dennizn | Dreamstime

Degree required: No

Why You Need To Apply: If you're passionate about IKEA and love to convert words into visual projects, the company is looking for a communications collaborator for its Montreal team.

While no degree is required, you'll stand out if you have an undergrad in a related field. They're looking for someone who is proficient in Adobe InDesign and has their own creative flair.

Campaign Management Coordinator, Yellow Pages

Degree required: Yes

Why You Need To Apply: If you're about to graduate with a marketing degree, this job posting is for you. Yellow Pages is looking for an applicant to help manage its digital advertising campaigns.

A college diploma is required for the position, as well as being able to manage a "multi-industry national client portfolio."

Programmer Analyst, Desjardins

Mario Beauregard | Dreamstime

Degree required: Yes

Why You Need To Apply: Desjardins is looking for an analyst to develop system and infrastructure operations. With limited experience, you should be able to design, configure, administer, maintain and upgrade computer networks.

There's a possibility of working on-call 24/7, so be prepared if you're looking to apply. The company is looking for a candidate with basic knowledge of .NET/C# programming languages, SQL, networking, and administration systems.

Civil Engineer, Groupe Lessard

groupelessard | Instagram

Degree required: Yes

Why You Need To Apply: If you're a civil engineer who's new to the field, Group Lessard is looking for an architectural engineer in Laval. They hope that you have one year of experience, but it's not required.

They're looking for a candidate who is a member of the ordre des ingénieurs du Québec and who can use ADA, SG and Méplat softwares.

Content & Channel Coordinator, Ubisoft

ubisoftmtl | Instagram

Degree required: No

Why You Need To Apply: Ubisoft is looking for a content coordinator for its console, PC and online brands. If you're a social and video content pro who loves gaming, this one's for you.

No degree is required, but you'll be an asset if you have a degree in communications or marketing. You need to have a good knowledge of analytics in social platforms like Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Instagram.