9 Cozy Road Trip Destinations Near Montreal Where You Can Fully Embrace Sweater Weather

When you're finally ready to admit summer's over.
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9 Cozy Road Trip Destinations Near Montreal Where You Can Fully Embrace Sweater Weather

There's no more denying it: the temperature in Montreal is dropping. As the old saying goes, if you can't beat 'em join 'em. In this case, that means living your best life — cold weather and all. Remember: lower temperatures aren't all bad. They bring colourful leaves, chunky sweaters and eventually snow — which can be quite beautiful to look at. The crisp air gives us an opportunity to appreciate being cozy, and one of the best ways to do that is by taking a fall or winter road trip to a cozy destination.

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Coziness comes from the contrast of feeling snug and warm when compared to the elements outdoors.

That's why the coziness you feel at home is nothing compared to the coziness you feel sitting by a campfire, as snow falls all around you.

To fully take advantage of the coming months, it's best to go somewhere special.

Travel may be limited right now but there are many places to check out within driving distance of Montreal — in both Ontario and Quebec — whether you're looking for romance, family-friendly fun or going on a girls' trip.

The same goes whether you're looking to spend the day or several weeks.

So pack your comfiest slippers, crack open a good book, pour yourself some mulled wine — and take in the beauty that surrounds us. 

Summer's over folks. And that's nothing to be sad about.

Kenauk Nature

Drive from Montreal: One hour and 30 minutes

Montebello is more than just Fairmont Le Château — there's so much more to explore. And Kenauk Nature is a prime example.

In addition to renting a chalet or glamping in a yurt, there are countless activities that make this place worthwhile, such as hiking, clay shooting and dog sledding.


Le Nordik Spa

Drive from Montreal: Two hours and 20 minutes

It may surprise you to learn that an outdoor spa is open year-round, but Le Nordik is arguably even better in the colder months.

Located just outside Ottawa, in the picturesque village of Old Chelsea, the largest spa in North America is equipped with 10 outdoor baths, 9 saunas, and heated wooden pavilions "perched among the treetops" where you can warm up.


Hébergement Les Pieds sur Terre

Drive from Montreal: One hour

You can sleep in a bubble, a tipi or an elf's nest — which means keeping cozy while also fully immersing yourself in nature.



Drive from Montreal: 2 hours

When you're not gushing over your adorable cabin, you can use the whirlpools, waterfall, sauna and thermal baths or hang out by the fireplace.

There's also an aromatherapy room and a yurt.


Au Diable Vert 

Drive from Montreal: One hour

Live out your childhood fantasy in one of the treehouses, which are built to keep you warm throughout the winter.

You might even catch a glimpse of a Highland cow.


Polar Bear's Club

Drive from Montreal: One hour

A nordic spa in the heart of the Laurentians, Polar Bear's Club is the ideal spot to wash away stress in any season.



Drive from Montreal: One hour and 40 minutes

Cabins with hammocks. Cabins on stilts. Cabins in the trees. This ecotourism site in the Ouareau Forest Regional Park makes for the perfect weekend getaway.


Centre de l’Hêtre 

Drive from Montreal: Three hours

Dome-shaped accommodations offer clear views of the night's sky. They also offer snowshoeing, yoga, meditation and massages.



Drive from Montreal: Varies

This Canadian company offers "custom designed, low impact and ecologically sound tiny cabin rentals for intimate wilderness escapes."

Their cabins are spread across Southern Ontario.


Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

Ilana Belfer
Contributing Writer