9 Actually Fun 'Friend Date' Ideas If You Or Your BFF Live Solo In A Quebec Red Zone

As long as one of you lives alone or you're roomies, even Legault would approve!
9 Actually Fun 'Friend Date' Ideas If You Or Your BFF Live Solo In A Quebec Red Zone

Good news: you're permitted to visit your best friend if one of you lives alone in a Quebec red zone. At least twice in the last month, Premier François Legault clarified that Quebecers can visit people living alone in red zones, one at a time.

In fact, he encouraged visits, acknowledging the mental health effects that prolonged isolation can have on Quebecers, some of whom have been alone throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With business closures and restrictions on gatherings extended until November 23, there aren't many fun outings to go on. 

But there are still lots of low-key ways to have a blast hanging out with your bestie, roommate or favourite individual if one of you lives alone or you're in each other's bubble.

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Test your subconscious with a Ouija board

Danil Snigirev | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: Hear us out on this — Ouija boards are a great way to test your body's reflexes. While some believe you can perform occult rituals with Ouija boards, they mostly make use of the body's Ideomotor response, which is when your body performs small, unconscious movements based on your expectations.

Try it out for yourselves!

Go on a mural crawl in Montreal

Tempestz | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: Montreal is covered in original street art from some of the city's best. Map out your mural hunt and see where the city takes you!

Bonus: it's a totally free and fun activity you can do with your favourite person, even in a COVID-19 lockdown.

Drive to some of Quebec's best bike paths for a weekend ride

Marc Bruxelle | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: Soak up the last days of fall weather before it's too late! Quebec proudly boasts over 12,000 kilometres of cycling paths throughout the province. There's no shortage of routes to take with your fave friend if you're craving a little adventure.

Make sure you maintain a physical distance of two metres from people belonging to other bubbles at all times. And leaving your own zone — even to enter another red-zone — is not recommended by the government.

Host a game night for two

Mladen Zivkovic | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: All you need for a fun night in lockdown with your bestie are a few bottles of wine and Jenga, Guess Who, Trivial Pursuit or Scrabble.

If you're not into board games, you can also watch one of the Quebec government's COVID-19 press conferences and take a shot every time Legault says "grosso modo."

Start your Christmas movie binge a month early

Igor Mojzes | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: If you're extra excited for the upcoming holiday season, load up some of the best Christmas movies in your Netflix queue (that you can both agree on, of course). Prep a big bowl of buttery popcorn and have a holiday binge-watching session.

Bad Santa 2 was filmed in Montreal, so you can see if you're both able to spot any local landmarks!

Have a feast from local restaurants you've never tried

Laura G. Diaz

Why You Need To Do It: Montreal is loaded with every type of meal you could dream up. Scroll through your favourite food delivery service's repertoire together and choose an eclectic mix of unusual eats to taste test.

Give each other Mia Thermopolis-style makeovers

nostalgiicfilmss | Instagram

Why You Need To Do It: Chances are, if you've been living that #workfromhome life, you've probably shifted from cute fits to sweatpants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on — as a beloved Canadian rapper famously said.

If you're looking for ways to pass the time, treat yourselves to an extreme makeover: lockdown edition.

Have an at-home dance party 

Diana Eller | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: If you've both been reminiscing about the good old days living it up on the Montreal nightlife scene, buy some cheap disco lights and blast your favourite club music in the dark.

Add some alcohol to the mix and you'll forget you're at home in no time.

Video game the night away

Petar Maksimovic | Dreamstime

Why You Need To Do It: No matter your preference, there are thousands of games for everyone's tastes, whether via a console or online.

Have an all-night gaming marathon with your bestie while you're both stuck inside in a red zone — you can even get nostalgic with gaming emulators that allow you to play all of your favourite retro childhood games.

Who's calling dibs on Toad for Mario Kart?

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